Are you having trouble with printing? Printing setting files (.mps) can help you quickly start printing!

Software requirement: MiiUtility3.1 or upgrade version

Import .mps file to MiiUtility, choose printing scenario, try to print!

.mps files are basic parameters for different scenarios, sometimes parameters may need adjustment for your specific models.

Wish you have a  successful print!

Printing ScenarioDownload printing setting files (.mps file)
4_M125-NextDent-Denture Base
8_M125-NextDentSG-Surgical Guide
9_M125-NextDent-Tray Blue
Download NextDent-MPS file
Latest update: 2017/2/10

1_M125-Detax Freeprint Cast for 405nm
2_M125-Detax Freeprint Model(Ivory) for 405nm
3_M125-Detax Freeprint Splint for 405nm
Download Detax-MPS file
For 405nm MiiCraft printer
Latest update: 2017/3/16

Download Ringsets-MPS file
Latest update: 2017/3/3

1_M125Y-Detax Freeprint cast UV for 385nm
2_M125Y-Detax Freeprint model T UV for 385nm
3_M125Y-Detax Freeprint model UV for 385nm
4_M125Y-Detax Freeprint Ortho UV for 385nm
5_M125Y-Detax Freeprint Splint UV for 385nm
6_M125Y-Detax Freeprint Temp UV A1 for 385nm
7_M125Y-Detax Freeprint Temp UV A2 for 385nm
8_M125Y-Detax Freeprint Temp UV A3 for 385nm
9_M125Y-Detax Freeprint tray UV for 385nm
Download Detax-MPS file
For 385nm MiiCraft printer
Latest update: 2017/7/17

1_M125_M150-BV021 IP Rigid for 405nm
2_M125_M150-BV022 IP High-Resistant for 405nm
3_M125_M150-BV031 IP Rubber-Like for 405nm
Download Industrial Parts-MPS file
For 405nm MiiCraft printer
Latest update: 2017/7/26



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