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Advance Series/
Profession Series/
MiiCraft 125 series/
MiiCraft Ultra series/
SoftwareUtility V 6.0.1 _64bits-STL models preview and placement
-Generate base and manual support
-Slice STL models to SLC format
-Search and connect to printer
-Printing setting and Select Printing Scenario
MiiCraft Ultra seriesFirmwareUltra MiiController FW a.0.3-Real time print status monitoring
-Engineering mode
-Wifi connection
MiiCraft 125 series /
FirmwareMiiController FW1.3.6-Real time print status monitoring
-Engineering mode
-Wifi connection
MiiCraft 125 seriesFirmware relatedDHCP recover-Recover IP setting to DHCP value
MiiCraft+Searcher v20141230-Search and connect to printer
MiiCraft+MiiCraft+ Firmware V.1.0.00497-Printing parameter setting
MiiCraft+Transfer v20150311-Convert file into MiiCraft+'s accessible format (*.zip)
MiiCraftMiiCraft Suite (v.66)-Model slicing
-Control the printer

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