FunctionBuild Size43mm x 27mm x 180mm
XY resolution56 microns
Z-axis resolutionA . 5 microns as a step from 5~200 microns
B . 30/50/100 microns with MiiCraft Resin
Speed3cm/hour @ 100microns/z axis
2cm/hour @ 50microns/z axis
1cm/hour @ 30microns/z axis
HardwareProduct Architecture IIndustrial Equipment 
(standalone, no need to connect to a PC when printing)
Product Architecture IIPrinting and post curing at the same time
SoftwarePrinting SoftwareMiiCraft Builder 
powered by Materialise
Automatic support generation*
Auto Model repairing
Model Slicing
Printing Parameter Setting
Printer Control SoftwareMiiCraft+ control User Interface- via browser
Printing Progress Overview
AccessoryTeflon film x 6
Picker x 2
Cleaning kit x 1
RJ45 Cable
Power adapter+ power cord
& WeightPrinter20.8cm(L) x 20.5cm(W) x 33.5cm(H) , 8.5Kg
Full package41.5cm(L) x 39.0cm(W) x 45.0cm(H), 10Kg
* No support generation preview

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